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Labor Day Flea Market

Labor Day Gun Show, and Flea Market is right around the corner. Sept 1st - 4th, 2017.

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Action Corps Weekly

The VFW Action Corps is our national grassroots advocacy network comprised of more than 300,000 VFW members and patriotic supporters of veterans.

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 Out in the field, we're busy fighting to ensure veterans like you get the benefits you've earned and deserve. Here's where you can read about the important military and veteran issues we've been advocating for, and the ways we've been actively supporting our military and veteran family, and local communities recently.



For over 117 years, the VFW has been the pillar of support in communities worldwide.

We pay great attention to the quality care and service you receive from Federal Agencies. The VFW is here protect your benefits. 

Due to circumstances beyond our control

we are temporarily Closed

 Grover King Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1115

Every Monday Night

701 W. Stuart Dr. Hillsville, VA 24343

(276) 728-2911

Doors open at 5:30

Early Bird begins at 6:30


Early Bird 1 sheet of 9 cards for $5

  • Or 3 sheets for $10


Regular Bingo 12 cards for $20

  • Extra 9 card sheets $5 each
  • Childs 3 card pack $5 (Ten years to 18 years)

You must buy a $20 Bingo Pack to play any games,

or buy to Pull Tabs



  • Quickie 50/50 Games -Single Card Sheets $2 or 3 for $5
  • Extra 3 Card Progressive Sheets $2 each or 3 for $5
  • Lucky Seven Progressive $2 each or 3 for $5
  • Postage Stamp 3 Card Sheets $2 or 3 for $5
  • Extra Jackpot 3 Card Sheets $2 each or 3 for $5
  • Pull Tabs $1

Again, you must purchase a $20 Bingo Pack to play any games, or purchase Pull Tabs in the State of Virginia!



  1. Early Bird Any BingoPurple Border - Pays $50
  2. Early Bird Any BingoOrange Border - Pays $50
  3. Early Bird Any BingoRed Border - Pays $50
  4. Early Bird Any BingoBlue Border - Pays $50
  5. Early Bird Any BingoAqua Border – Pays $50
  6. Quickie Cover All – Yellow Border – 50/50 payout 
  7. Regular Bingo - Blue Border - Pays $50
  8. Six PackOrange Border Regular – Pays $50
  9. B&O Rail Road – Green Border – Pays $100
  10. Inside Small Picture Frame - Yellow BorderPays $50
  11. Progressive #1 “Z”Pink Border – $50 Progressive 
  12. Quickie Cover All – Brown Border – 50/50 payout
  13. Double Bingo Grey Border – Pays $50
  14. Any Regular Bingo- Light Green Border – Pays $50
  15. Any Regular Bingo - Brown Border – Pays $50
  16. Lucky Seven – Blank Card – Cover All - $25 Progressive
  17. Check Mark - Red Border – Pays $50
  18. Block of 9 -Purple Border - Pays $100
  19. Postage Stamp - Triple Card Peach Border –Pays $100
  20. Progressive 2 “H” -Black Border – $100 Progressive
  21. Cover All - Aqua Border – Pays $300 - Extra cards $2 each or 3 for $5


Bonus Queen of Hearts 50/50 Progressive Drawing 


Our House Rules

  • All Cellular Phone need to be Silenced, or on vibrate.
  • No Profanity
  • No Alcohol
  • Children under 12 accompanied by an adult, will be admitted, BUT: the child must be respectful of the players. If your child is a disturbance, you will be asked to leave for the night.
  • Children ages 10 to 18 may play a child’s pack for $5.
  • All Adults over the age of 18 must purchase their own Bingo Pack at regular price $20. Additional Cards 3 x 3 for that adult will be sold at a cost of $5. Player is responsible for verifying Bingo Paper before leaving the sales table.
  • There will be no splitting of Bingo Packages and/or sheets.
  • No One under the age of 18 may purchase Pull Tabs.
  • The Number in the monitor is not valid until it is called.
  • The caller must hear Bingo called out for it to be a valid Bingo.
  • No Packages will be sold after the 11th game.
  • You must have the last number called to Bingo
  • Bingo Sheets must be marked with a Bingo marker. Bingo will not be paid if the sheet is marked with a pencil or pen.
  • If there is an error in the calling of the balls, the balls speak for themselves.
  • For two or more winners, the prize will be equally split between the winners.
  • When the game is called/closed and the balls are dropped, no one else will be paid.
  • The first sheet of regular bingo will be played first as a regular Bingo. Then the same sheet will be used for a double Bingo, and then the sheet will be continued until someone has a triple Bingo. All three Bingos will be on the same Sheet with Blue Border.
  • Progressive #1 grows $50 every week. If you do not get Bingo in a certain amount of numbers, then you only win $50. Extra Progressive Sheets will be sold before the 1st Progressive Game for $2each or 3 for $5.
  • Progressive #2 grows $100 every week. If you do not get Bingo in a certain amount of numbers, then you only win $100. Extra Progressive Sheets will be sold before the 2nd Progressive Game for $2 each or 3 for $5.
  • Every Winner must fill out a winner’s card. (State Law)
  • We here at Grover King VFW Post 1115, reserve the right to ask anyone to leave without a refund for causing a disturbance, or breaking house rules. 

Thank You for your business

Marty Rivera 








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